220V 380V online soft starter without bypass soft starter


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The function of GE300 seriess online tstarter:

※Reduce the starting current of the motor, reduce the power distribution capacity, and avoid the investment in capacity expansion;

※Reduce starting stress and prolong the service life of motors and related equipment; Smooth starting and soft stop avoid the surging problem and water hammer effect of traditional starting equipment;

※Avariety of starting modes and a wide range of current and voltage settings can be adapted to avariety of load situations and improve the process;

※Perfect and reliable protection function, more effective protection of the safety of motors and related equipment;

※It can be used in occasions of frequent startand stop.

Features of GE300 series soft starters:

※The GE300 series intelligent AC motor soft starter adopts high-performance micro processor technology,which has higher performance and has the characteristics of a wider range of voltage adaptation.

※6 kinds of starting modes can be selected, which can maximize the motor to achieve the best starting effect.

※The original swing starting mode has a good starting effect for the load with eccentric center of mass.

※It can realize the function of positive and negative conversion,and realize the motor’s positive and

negative electric operation.

※Three stopping modes are available: freestop, softs top and DC stop

※Online type and bypass type can be set freely.

※Two driving modes can be selected: torque mode and smooth mode.

※Two independent programmable output relays:It is convenient to realize the inter locking control with

other equipment, and has the function of delay action, and the delay time is adjustable.

※The three-phase current value can be displayed at the same time, and the current value can be independently calibrated;

※Large-screen LCD man-machine interface, Chinese(Chinesedisplay) and English two display modes, easy to operate.

※Avariety of protection and monitoring functions, thermal over load protection can be adjusted according to load requirements, and multiple protection functions can be independently selected to be turned on and off.

※The last 12 failure records can be queried,providing a basis for failure analysis.

※Aset of 4-20mA(0-20mA) analog output

※MODBUS RTU communication(RS485) is optional. The parameter setting, operation and

monitoring can be entered through the host computer to realize highly intelligent control.

※Actual power setting: When the power of the soft starter is greater than the actual load power, the rated current of the soft starter can be set according to the actual load to match the actual power of the soft starter with the load to ensure the start,operation,protection,etc.the accuracy of the parameters.

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