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KewoSG600 solar  pump drive is positioned in environmental-friendly and economical PV market, the product is applicable to PV pumping system, replaces water storage with electric storage and needs no battery modules. The direct current generated by solar modules is input to the inverter and then converted into the alternating current to drive various pumps directly. Additionally, the output frequency is adjustable in real time according to sunlight intensity change.
Fully automatic system using variable speed drive compatible with AC, 3-phase, submersible and surface mount pumps, and high efficiency PMSM Pumps. The system is composed of a PV generator, a pump and a solar pump drive. Based on the design philosophy that it is more efficient to store water rather than electricity, there is no energy storing device such as storage battery in the system. The system is prepared to be combined with a elevated water storage, e.g. water tower or an uphill tank installation.

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SG600 High Efficiency MPPT Solar Pump Inverter:

Solar pump inverter controls and adjusts the soalr water pump system operation and converts the DC produced by solar array into AC to drive the pump, and adjust the output frequency in real-time according to the variation of sunlight intensity to realize the maximum power point tracking( MPPT). The pump,driven by 3-phase AC motor, can draw water from the deep wells or rivers and lakes to pour into the storage tank or reservoir, or directly connect to the irrigation system, fountain system, etc. According to the actual system demand and installation conditions, different types of pump such as centrifugal pump, axial flow pump, mixed-flow pump or deepwell pump can be used.

SG600 Solar pump inverter Specification: 

1)  Through adopting advanced MPPT technology, can make full use of the efficiency of the solar cell array.

2) Dry up, Full Tank, stop frequency, motor maximum current and input power protection

3) Flow and generated energy calculating with PV curve.

4) Suit for all kind of single phase & three phase AC pumps

5) AD & DC dual model compatibity.

6) I will help to select the right model if let me know the rate power of your pumps.


Single phase, 220V, 0.4kw to 4kw.
Three phase, 220V, 0.75kw to 75kw
Three phase, 380V-440V/660V/1140V, 0.75 to 750kw.

SG600 solar pump inverter supplier wholesale solar pumping inverter

Models and specification

SNModelsRate currentOutput voltage ( 3PH VAC)Applicable for pumpsMPPT voltage (VDC)
Mini type 2S series : 150 to 450 VDC or 220/240VAC input, Vmp 310V,Voc 380V
1SG600-2S-0K7GB-M3.8A0-240VAC0.75KW260 to 375
2SG600-2S-1K5GB-M7A0-240VAC1.5KW260 to 375
3SG600-2S-2K2GB-M9A0-240VAC2.2kw260 to 375
Mini type 4T series :4T,250 to 800 VDC or 380/ 440VAC input, Vmp520, Voc650
1SG600-4T-0K7GB-M2.3A380V-440V0.75KW486 to 750
2SG600-4T-1K5GB-M3.8A380V-440V1.5KW486 to 750
3SG600-4T-2K2GB-M5.1A380V-440V2.2KW486 to 750
4SG600-4T-4K0GB-M9A380V-440V4.0KW486 to 750
General type: 2S, 150 to 450 VDC or 220/ 240VAC input, Vmp 310, Voc380
7SG600-2S-0K7GB3.8A220V/240V0.75KW260 to 375
8SG600-2S-1K5GB7A220V/240V1.5KW260 to 375
9SG600-2S-2K2GB9A220V/240V2.2KW260 to 375
10SG600-2S-4K0GB17A220V/240V4.0KW260 to 375
General type: 4T,250/350 to 800 VDC or 380/ 440VAC input, Vmp520, Voc650
11SG600-4T-0K7GB2.3A380V-440V0.75KW486 to 750
12SG600-4T-1K5GB3.8A380V-440V1.5KW486 to 750
13SG600-4T-2K2GB5.1A380V-440V2.2KW486 to 750
14SG600-4T-4K0GB9A380V-440V4.0KW486 to 750
15SG600-4T-5K5GB13A380V-440V5.5KW486 to 750
16SG600-4T-7K5GB17A380V-440V7.5KW486 to 750
17SG600-4T-011GB25A380V-440V11KW486 to 750
18SG600-4T-015GB32A380V-440V15KW486 to 750
19SG600-4T-018GB37A380V-440V18KW486 to 750
20SG600-4T-022GB45A380V-440V22KW486 to 750
21SG600-4T-030G60A380V-440V30KW486 to 750
22SG600-4T-037G75A380V-440V37KW486 to 750
23SG600-4T-045G91A380V-440V45KW486 to 750
24SG600-4T-055G110A380V-440V55KW486 to 750
25SG600-4T-075G150A380V-440V75KW486 to 750
26SG600-4T-090G180A380V-440V90KW486 to 750
27SG600-4T-110G220A380V-440V110KW486 to 750
28SG600-4T-132G260A380V-440V132KW486 to 750
29SG600-4T-160G320A380V-440V160kw486 to 750
30SG600-4T-**G**380V-440V200-400486 to 750

SG600 series solar pump inverter technical specification

**Solar pump inverter specification when PE-00=1&2
Recommended MPPT voltage rangeVmp 131 to 350 VDC for 1s (80V to 350VDC input, 3PH 110 to 220VAC output)
Vmp 260 to 355VDC for 2S/ 2T ( 150V to 350VDC input, 3PH 220 to 240VAC output)
Vmp 486 to 650 VDC for 4T ( 250V to 800VDC input, 3PH 380 to 460VAC output)
Recommended input Voc and Vmpp voltageVoc 180(VDC), Vmpp 155(VDC) for 1S model or 110V AC pumps
Voc 380(VDC), Vmpp 310(VDC) for 2S model or 220V AC pumps
Voc 650(VDC), Vmpp 520(VDC) for 4T model or 380V AC pumps
Motor typeControl for permanent magnet synchronous motor and asynchronous motor pumps.
Rated output voltage1/3-Phase,110V/160V/220V. 3-phase, 220V/380V/460V
Output frequency range0~maximum frequency 600Hz.
MPPT efficiencyAbove 99.0%,
Ambient temperature rangeG-type for submersible pumps, 150% rated current for 60s, 180% rated current for 2s . P type for general pumps, 120% rated current for 60s, 150% rated current for 2s
Solar pump control special performanceMPPT ( maximum power point tracking), CVT (constant voltage tracking), auto/manual operation, dry run protection, low stop frequency protection, minimum power input, motor maximum current protection, flow calculating, energy generated calculating and water tank level detected
Protection functionPhase loss protection, phase short circuit protection, ground to phase circuit protection , input and output short circuit protection. Stall protection, lightning protection
Protection degreeIP20, Air force cooling
Running modeMPPT or CVT
AltitudeBelow 1000m; above 1000m, derated 1% for every additional 100m.
Enhanced version of AC driveCE, Design based on vector control motor AC drive, more specification please refer to S600 or S600 vector control drive operation manual
Technical specification of variable frequency inverter when PE00=0(solar pump disable)
voltage, frequency1 phase 220V, 3 phase, 220V,380V, 660V, 0-50/60Hz
Control mode0: VF control ; 1: Open loop vector control mode
2: Close loop vector control mode
Maximum frequency0-320Hz in vector control mode, 0~3200Hz in VF control mode
Multiple-functionsPID Control, Carrier Frequency Adjustable, Current Limiter, Speed Search, Momentary Power Loss Restart,16 Step Speed (Max), 3-Wire connection, Slip Compensation, Frequency Jump,  DC braking, Upper/Lower Frequency, Torque control, Compatible for PMSM and IM, built in RS485, counting, fault information checking, fully fault protection function, frequency combination reference.



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